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interactIVe project concludes

The European Framework collaborative research project interactIVe is concluding its research into advanced driver assistance systems. A consortium of 29 partners including TRW Conekt, BMW Research and Technology, Daimler AG, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe, Volkswagen AG, Volvo Car Corporation and Volvo Technology Corporation aimed to develop affordable integrated safety systems for all vehicle classes that are able to assist the driver continuously, intervening when necessary.

The results of this four year project be will be showcased today at Eurogress Convention Centre, Aachen, Germany. Demonstrations will take place following a press conference which will include speakers from Ford of Europe, EUCAR, ITS Europe and Volkswagen.

As part of the project, Conekt collaborated with other partners to create radar and camera-based sensing systems capable of detecting, tracking and classifying moving objects.

For more information on the interactIVe project visit the consortium website or to find out more about Conekt’s capabilities and services, please contact us.