Collaborative R&D Projects

Conekt has actively participated in both TSB and EU funded collaborative R&D projects for a number of years. By applying its core competencies in sensors, control systems, embedded solutions and safety engineering, Conekt has enabled the development and commercialisation of a variety of groundbreaking technologies.  Projects that Conekt has participated in include;

CityMobil - Towards advanced road transport for the urban environment.
Foot-LITE - The road to smarter driving.
Intersafe2 - Co-operative intersection safety.
interactIVe - Accident avoidance by active intervention for intelligent vehicles.
SmartRRS - Smart Road Restraint Systems.
Zero Emission Fuel Cell Taxi
WiTNESSS - Wireless Technologies for Novel Enhancement of Systems and Structures Serviceability.
ViewNet – Mapping the environment.
LOPEPS – System, control and electronics design, test and assessment of Low Power Electric Power Steering system.
eDCT – Linear solenoid, position sensing and control design, materials and prototype testing, design for manufacture.
Fuel Cell Test and Validation – Test and validation of fuel cell components and modules.
YAMOG – Test and validation of YASA powertrain motor.
E-Van – High voltage ancillary motor design
MoD Grand Challenge - Winners !  In Team Stellar
PReVENT – Saspence – Safe Speed & Distance
PReVENT – Intersafe – Intersection Safety
WISD – Wireless Intelligent Sensing Devices
TRACKSS - Technologies for Road Advanced Cooperative Knowledge Sharing Sensors
EMMA - Embedded Middleware in Mobility Applications

For more information about any of these project please contact us.