Automotive Radar - AC20

The AC20 provides highly accurate tracking of objects in all weather conditions and over short or long ranges. Targets measuring a few centimetres across to several metres in diameter can be accurately tracked as they pass through the field of view of the AC20, with position and speed measurements available over the high speed CAN interface.  The advanced processing power of the AC20 allows it to simultaneously identify many different targets and classify them based on their size and shape, such as distinguishing between different classes of vehicle.

With its design rooted in the automotive industry, the AC20 boasts high levels of reliability with an impressively robust aluminium  enclosure providing resilience to the harshest of environmental conditions. The compact and lightweight design of the AC20 also makes it ideal for mobile operations, particularly when mounted on a vehicle.

To learn more about the AC20 or to request a CAD model, please contact us.


• Provides accurate speed and distance measurements
• Able to detect fast moving objects
• Effective in all weather conditions
• Compact and highly robust package
• Built to automotive standards with proven reliability
• Tracks varying sizes of objects up to several meters in diameter

Technical Specification
• Frequency 76-77 GHz
• Range 1 to 200 m
• Field of View 11°
• Speed Resolution 0.09 kph
• Weight 0.55 Kg
• Case Operating Temperature -40 °C +105 °C
• Storage Temperature (no power) -40 °C +130 °C
• Spray resistance IP6K9K
• Minimum Operating Voltage 10.8 V
• Maximum Operating Voltage 16 V
• Communications Interface High speed CAN