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Brake Actuation

The Conekt Brake Actuation System offers a complete and tunable solution for high end braking needs. It combines a tandem brake booster with compact master cylinder and a remote reservoir, providing an easily integrated system that can be tailored to meet the requirements of high performance vehicles. As part of the Brake Actuation System, the Conekt Brake Booster provides a brake boost ratio of 5.5 and a performance curve based on our standard configuration. It is also possible to tune the system to meet specific customer requirements including consideration of Jump In,  Loop In and Input rod length.

To learn more about Conekt’s Brake Actuation products or to request a CAD model, please contact us.



  • Tuneable performance 
  • Remote reservoir 
  • High efficiency 
  • Low hysteresis 
  • Reduced threshold force with and without vacuum

Technical Specification

  • Tandem Brake Booster 
  • Size 8+9” 
  • Stroke 36 mm 
  • Boost ratio 5.5
  • Dimensions 
  • Outer Diameter 246.5 mm 
  • Adjustable Rod Length 156 – 172 mm 
  • Shell Length 141.8 mm
  • Master Cylinder 
  • Bore 25.4 mm 
  • Stroke 36 mm (18/18) 
  • Port pitch 38 mm
  • Reservoir 
  • Capacity to Maximum 395 cc 
  • Compensating Volume 52 cc 
  • Switching Volume 230 cc