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Electrically Powered Steering

Designed initially for the small-car segment, Conekt’s Column Drive EPS offers a modular and scalable design that covers a range of forces from 4.0kN to 10kN.   One of the major benefits of the Column Drive system is its clever packaging.  Its location in the passenger compartment enables reduced temperature and sealing requirements compared with systems situated under the bonnet.

The level of assistance provided by the EPS unit can be can be continuously varied depending on vehicle speed and steering rate, allowing for a tailored steering feel for all driving situations.  EPS can also be integrated with other vehicle systems, such as Lane Departure Warning, to offer new functionality.

To learn more about Conekt’s EPS products or to request a CAD model, please contact us.


Max torque rating
Scalable 40 – 100 Nm

Travel range
+/- 1600 degrees

ASIL D Compliant

Signal interface           
CAN (500kBits/s)

Sensor data available
Column torque, position & velocity

Power supply              
12 V DC

Approximately 164 x 277 x 511 mm

Approximately 9 kg