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Electric Park Brake

Conekt is proud to be able to offer the industry leading ZF TRW Electric Park Brake (EPB). This advanced system eliminates the need for mechanical cables.  With the EPB solution compact actuators apply the park brake offering improvements in packaging, performance and driver convenience.

To learn more about Conekt’s EPB products or to request a CAD model, please contact us.



  • Automatic apply and release functions available
  • Removes need for cable, greatly simplifying installation
  • Greater freedom for interior styling
  • Leaves centre tunnel free for other features
  • Self diagnostics
  • Independent dynamic braking (maximum 0.3 g)

Optional Features

  • Drive Away Assist – upon vehicle acceleration the park brake releases
  • Hill Hold – prevents vehicle rollback on a hill until the driver accelerates
  • Brake wear sensing – alerts the driver to worn pads
  • Interface between the EPB switch and accelerator pedal – prevents false-apply
  • Automatic parking brake function when driver’s door is opened

Technical Specification

  • Load Cycles 100,000
  • Apply Time < 1 s
  • Release Time < 0.6 s
  • Voltage Range 9 to 16 V DC
  • Maximum Clamp Force 20 kN
  • Current Consumption: Sleep mode 100 μA, Standby mode 195 mA, At maximum clamp force 2 x 19 A