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Product Validation

Conekt's expertise in new product development and applications engineering is supported by its state-of-the-art product validation facilities in Solihull, UK.  With external ISO 17025 accreditations by UKAS, we are highly experienced in the areas of Environmental Testing, EMC Testing, Instrumentation and Advanced Test.

Our full testing, reliability and validation capabilities document is available or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.  In addition to Conekt's certifications, UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0332, Conekt also provides a range of testing support services.  Our experienced test equipment design engineers are available to support UKAS and non-UKAS testing performed on or offsite.

This offers customers a number of benefits:

  • Rapid turnaround on last minute repairs/changes to test units (eg blown fuses, connector/loom changes).
  • Ability to setup and configure complete test systems onsite before entering expensive chambers.
  • Availability of tools and instruments to allow customers to make onsite modifications to their own support equipment or test units.
  • Fully equipped mechanical workshop offering a range of machining and assembly services  (eg jigs, fixtures, safety guards, product modifications).
  • Well stocked component stores (eg connectors, fuses, active and passive electronic components).

For a more detailed discussion about how Conekt's approach to testing support can help reduce the time and cost required to test your product please contact us.